Sunday, January 10, 2016

Odds and Ends

So I have a bunch of random pictures that I want to share, that really do not warrant their own "official" posting.  So I am going to post some here, and tell you all about 'em!

                                      First day of the 2015-16 school year.


                              Liam and Rowan after Liam participated in his
                           Protestant Kindergarten's version of The Jungle Book.
                                                 He was a monkey.  :)


                                         Liam during the performance

                                           Teddy's 6th grade photo


                                 Liam in Weilerbach's annual village parade
                                 ending at the Kerwe (carnival).  The theme
                                 this year was school children.


                            Halloween.  From left to right, top to bottom,
                            Jonathan Harms, Liam (scary pirate), Torben (Teddy's
                            good friend from school), Teddy (zombie), Damien Harms,
                            Patrick (werewolf on the end), Bottom row L to R:
                            Dominic Harms, Rowan (cat), Jenna Harms

                               Daniel and I on one of our walks in November
                               with Belle.  We have access to some amazing
                                walking paths.


                           Same day walk.  Walking the gorgeous farm fields.


                           Patrick is the elephant on the left.  His class play at
                           a school assembly


                           Rowan and friend Stella on the Lantern walk.  Every
                           fall, German children walk the streets with their
                           very own made lanterns to a village bon fire where
                           kinder punch (hot kid's punch), Gluwein (hot mulled
                           wine), pretzels and other goodies are enjoyed.  The
                           children sing songs through the streets.


                                     Daniel, Liam and Rowan with lanterns
                                     enjoying the bon fire, treats, and friends.


                             Last but not least, Liam with his friend Caolin at school.
                             Caolin's dad is American his mom is German.  He speaks
                              an interesting mix of both languages, picking whatever
                              word is easiest!


  1. How do you pronounce Liam's friend Caolin's name? The spelling is almost exactly like our Caoilin (Keelyn). :-) Great pictures Megan. We miss your family.

  2. Hey Hilary! Caolin is pronounced Cay-lon. He also has a sister named Riley. :)
    We miss you guys so much! Teddy was just remembering your family the other day and the triplets! We just extended another two years so the kids can get some more German under their belts, but the plan is still to eventually return to Vail!

    1. So cool. Very similiar name to our Caoilin. We miss you all too. I cannot believe how big your kids are. IF you can believe it, the triplets will be 8th graders come July, and Caoilin will be a senior in High School. Time needs to stop. So awesome that your kids get to live this incredible experience. You all look great. When you head back to the states, give us a call. I'd love to help you find a home. :-)