Monday, February 8, 2016

Rudesheim Ring Tour

Daniel and I have discussed how we are getting to the point in our time here in Germany, that it is becoming harder to find places to visit for the day that we have not seen.   This past November, we still had one day trip we had not taken yet that comes highly recommended.  The Rudesheim Ring Tour.

Rudesheim is a wine making town on the Rhine River.  This town complete with a beautiful Old Town, was originally settled by the Celts.  The original mention of this town from 1074 mentions wine making and shipping, particularly timber rafting as its main forms of livelihoods.

On this particular Saturday, we decided to purchase "ring tickets."  The ticket includes a boat ride on the Rhine, a gondola ride from the Old Town, over the vineyards up to the Germania Monument, and back down.  This particular weekend was the peak weekend for all the fall leaves.  We could not have picked a more picturesque weekend!

The boat ride was a bit chilly as it always seems to be cold in the river towns.  After a German lunch in an outdoor cafe, we perused the streets and shops of Old Town before catching the gondola ride up to the monument.   It was probably the last beautiful fall day before the weather changed and the leaves were all gone.


                                            Teddy on the Rhine River


                                              Dad and Patrick at Lunch

                                                Old Medieval Town



                                               Rowan in Rudesheim


                                      Stopping for a treat in Rudesheim


                                                Rowan in Rudesheim


                             Beautiful day for a Gondola ride


                             The Rhine, the vineyards, and fall leaves


                                           Family photo at the top

                                        Liam in Rudesheim




                                                Faces their mother loves!


                                              Germania Monument

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