Sunday, January 10, 2016

Freelancing in Germany

Last June I started freelancing for a newspaper here called the Kaiserslautern American.  I just thought I would post a link with some of the articles I have contributed if anyone is interested!
What I thought would be most interesting is I wrote an article about the school choices for
American families here in Germany.  The contributing photo was Patrick, Rowan and their friend's Jack and Peyton in front of their German primary school.  They are 4 of the 10 or so American students attending this school.  Seeing we moved here and did not know what was best for our family and tried DOD schools, homeschooling then finally found German schools, I figured it may help
another family figure things out much quicker than we were able to!  Anyway- if you are interested, check it out!

Article with the kid's photo:

List of all my contributing articles:

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