Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hot Summer Days in Bad Sobernheim

We had the fantastic opportunity to take our 9 day trip through Belgium and France.  Despite the amazing things we saw and experienced on our journey, we were also able to enjoy some fun on the rest of our school break at home!  One of the things we have been wanting to do for quite a while was visit one of the barefoot walking paths Germany has to offer.  We had some really hot weather this past summer.  So on one of these scorching hot days, we packed up the kids and drove to Bad Sobernheim to enjoy the BarfussPfad, or barefoot path. 

The entire 2 mile walk is completed barefoot.  The walk requires walking on many different surfaces, through mud, streams, in sand, on bark, and over rocks.  What was an incredible surprise for such a hot day, was that most participants took time to swim in the river and relax on the water's edge.  The kids had a fantastic time wading and swimming in the river.  It was beautiful. We did not pack swimsuits so the kids just winged it and swam in what they had. 

                                             Bad Sobernheim Barfusspfad

                                   The walk starts with a stroll through a mud bath




                                                                Its Dad's turn!

                                                          Log roll


                                                    And through sand....


                        Why does this remind me of Fish Creek in Blossvale
                            and picnics growing up with the Hatzingers? :)


                                                         Cool oasis!

                                             Monkeys hanging from trees


                                      Finishing up on the rope bridge

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