Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Haguenau, France, June 21, 2014

Anyone who knows Daniel (and now Teddy and Patrick as well) knows he is intrigued with history- to also include World War II history.  Our family has had the Band of Brothers series playing in our living room too many times to count.  Which is what lead us to Haguenau France.

Haguenau is not only a spot of World War II interest, but it is also a medieval town that dates back to the early 12th century.  As many towns around here have, it has switched hands between the French and the Germans quite a few times.  Although the town suffered quite a bit of damage during World War II, it has several structures that date back 9 centuries.

We had a fantastic time wandering the walkplatz, checking out the river over which the American forces fought off the Germans, and taking in the medieval architecture.

Daniel and the kids in Haguenau

Liam exhibiting his patriotism


Teddy in front of a medieval town gate

The walk platz in Haguenau

Walk Platz

Ice cream ordered by our German speakers


Playing in the fountain where I happened to step in a gob of gum

Beautiful streets

playing in the town center where they have the remains of an old mill

Town gate behind this crew

Time to go home!

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