Saturday, March 8, 2014

Koblenz Germany

We took a trip to Koblenz Germany in celebration of Teddy's 10th birthday.  I cannot believe my little guy is not so little anymore and has hit the double digits.  Time is going to fast!  So in light of this it is time to soak up every last opportunity I have with my babies!

The name Koblenz actually means "merging of the rivers."  If you ever get to visit Koblenz there is no denying where it gets its name!  The Mosel and Rhine Rivers meet here, creating what Germans have coined as the Deutsches Eck, or German Corner.  It is considered the heart of Germany.

The day we visited was a little bit chilly.  We took took a gondola ride over the river from the hilltop fortress down, over the river, into the city of Koblenz.  The kids of course were thrilled with the gondola ride and the amazing view.  

We walked down to the very corner of the rivers where the rivers meet and walked up into the statue of William I, the first German Emperor.  

We wandered the streets and spent some time in a local park.  After we walked the waterfront back to the gondola and rode back up to check out the fortress.

Besides boasting the most incredible views of the area on top of this hill, the Fortress was built by Prussia in 1817 as as the backbone of the regional fortification system.  

Following our tour of the fortress, we went and grabbed a few schnitzel dinners and called it a successful day!

Gondola Ride with view of the Deutsches Eck

Taking in the view

Coming down!

Liam loved this "sky train."

The Deutsches Eck 

Standing on the Deutsches Eck

Riverside Eye Candy.  I am a lucky woman.

William I.

Curls and Cuteness!

Really cool statue of Koblenz through the centuries.

Park time!

More park time.

2 Patricks.

Our big boys.

Teddy in front of the palace.

Big boys again.

Climbing trees.  We are also doing a grand tour of European tree climbing!



Rowan and her dad.

One of our little world travelers that is not so little anymore.



Paddy taking in the view.

View of Deutsches Eck

Handsome boys.

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  1. Wow guys, this look like a lot of fun. We miss you guys and hope you're doing well.