Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Walk In The Woods..

Its Monsoon Season here in Arizona.  The days are beastly hot, until the late afternoon storm clouds roll in, revitalizing the sun parched desert with its rain.

We have 4 more days left in Arizona.  We decided to pack up the family, some sandwiches and head for the mountains where temperatures are typically 10 degrees cooler.   We picked a gorgeous spot in the Huachuca Mountains, Garden Canyon, where a stream is flowing from all the summer rain, and the cliffs are decorated with Native American pictographs.  Teddy and Patrick were enthralled with the ancient pictures etched in rock.  All the kids were so excited to throw rocks in the stream.  Daniel could not wait to build a dam in the stream.  I could not wait to capture some last minute memories on my camera.  And the whole family built a great lean-to out of fallen trees and branches.

When everyone comes home wet, dirty, and with sunburned cheeks, we can easily say it was a fun filled day.  We will miss our Arizona mountains.  Until we meet again!

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